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78 To enter Namibia with a foreign registered vehicle you are required to pay a cross border charge of R242 per vehicle and R154 per trailer (2015 charges).
308 We mentioned that the only facilities were toilets and that hopefully conditions would improve. Park etnry fees were NAD40, this may have changed. Camping is free.
341 Diaz Point Camping - Do not bargain on it not being windy here, can be very windy here.
268 "Epupa Falls Lodge & Campsite" does not offer electricity points, you can however charge your cellphone, laptop etc. at the bar. Cell phone reception is intermittent. Rafting is seasonal, from April to September.
357 Our Guide notes that Hammerstein Lodge is pet friendly.
265 Ben van Zyl wasn't a farmer (at least not when he opened up Kaokoland), but the Government Commissioner (or Bantu Affairs Commissioner in those days) of Kaokoveld (as it was first known). Jan Joubert wasn't killed on an excursion into Kaokoland, but north of the town of Gobabis on a trip into Hereroland.
146 The Springer Chocolate Factory closed down.
176 The 2nd paragraph is incorrect and should read: "Close to Twyfelfontein you can visit the Organ Pipes, Burnt Mountain (not the same as Brandberg) and the Petrified Forest. Vingerklip (Rock Finger) is situated between Outjo and Khorixas.
142 New shopping mall at Rehoboth.
76 The Wenela (Katima Mulilo)/Sesheke border post is open 06:00 - 18:00. The border post facility was upgraded recently and this is now a very efficient and pleasant border post. You can withdraw money at the ATM at the border.
319 It is best to visit Sossusvlei early in the morning when the red color...
419 On some of the off-road trails, you will be able to view the magnificent Weltwitschia plants...
174 ...south of Koakoland.
265 Koakoland has a lot to offer...
362 Solitaire does nowadays offer tyre repair and basic mechanical repair services. You can pay by debit card or credit card for fuel at the Solitaire fuel station.
354 At Sossus Oasis shop just outside the Sesriem NP Rest Camp is well-stocked with a little more than just basic food supplies. They also sell take-away food. The Engen garage offers tyre repair services and the nearby Sossusvlei Lodge can help out with mechanical repairs. The Engen does not have 50 ppm diesel.
338 Felsenkirche means Church of the Rock, not Church on the rocks.
332 Helmeringhausen does not have Mechanical Repairs anymore.
464 Ai-Ais does have Tyre Repair facilities. The fuel stop accepts debit and credit cards. The shop sells beer and wine and normally has fresh bread available.
78 Cross border charge of R220 per vehicle and R150 per trailer (2014 charges).

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